I never thought Derek have a huge family which is good by the way. Especially in every family reunion it would be definitely fun. Like here in his vlog where they went to West Virginia for their Family reunion. The place was amazing, there so much amenities that includes basketball court, field where kids can run to and many more. Everyone is having you can see it them from their eyes, even Tanner and Elie is enjoying their stay together with their relatives. Eventually the family reunion comes to an end and they have to depart and go their respective homes, but in all of the fun and enjoyment in the family reunion Derek had an accident that he mentioned and even showed us before the vlog comes to and end. Derek received bruises in his arms hand and maybe in his body as well. You can watch his full vlog (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te3N-tnV6SY )to know what exactly happen to him and also lets don’t forgot hi nice the place where they did the family reunion of the Salyers family.
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