After a long journey under water and fighting various of creatures they again walk through the surface with a new power on hand. They were given a Magnet but with magnet poles in each. They have to work together to clear this stage until they get to the final stage and become Human again. Using the right magnet poles on the right situation will help them to clear any obstacles in this episode. But of course what we knew about with Wolf2021 and our man Derek, they always find ways to troll each other and make the game even FUN to watch! As we go through the game and pass every obstacle in it, I noticed that they don’t argue as much as before but instead they appreciate each other even more and the most interesting part is they start to trust each other (Cody and May). I feel that the love that is lost is finding a way to their hearts and thanks to Dr. Hakim, the annoying book with good intentions!

I was really impressed on how Derek and Wolf 2021 plays it takes two and it makes me really want to play this game too. If you missed his streams and notification when he uploaded this video here is the link for you to watch: . This is a really FUN series to watch that you shouldn’t miss together with your friends and love one!

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