We are now in the part 16th of our journey in It Takes Two and yet we are near to the final episode where we can see if the can be reunited again and complete their family once more.

As we go back through the previous parts, we all knew that they are given with a different sets of powers for every stage they must complete. But on this episode I love what skills Cody received!


New Powers!


They received cool new sets of skills which as you can see in the picture that can transform into any kind of plant. Which from this scene is a “Cactus” that shoots needles like a Gatling gun.

It was so amazing that even Derek is so amazed!


New Ride!


They even encountered a set of spiders and later on helped them from through overcome all the obstacles in game.


Horde of Mole Rat!


What’s really amazing was when then reached the den of mole rats which they didn’t realized, it will be the most thrilling chase in this game. Which reminds of a scene in Little Nightmare. In case you missed Derek’s gameplay of Little Nightmares here is the link of it: https://youtu.be/MnvSPgCE4oA


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