Have you recently decided to start streaming or maybe you’ve been streaming for a while but you want to up the quality of your stream without breaking the bank? If so, this vids for you!

In this video I talk about what gear I’ve found through testing, tons of microphones, webcams, cameras, lights, etc., what the best bang for your buck gear truly is!

Just because a product doesn’t cost a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s not good, in fact, most of the times if you get good quality budget gear (not the absolute cheapest gear) it can be a lot closer to more professional products than you think. The law of diminishing returns proves true even in things like microphone and cameras. You can get 80-90% of the quality of professional gear for a third of the price if you know what’s actually good budget livestreaming gear versus just cheap live streaming gear.

I also touch on some options you may want to consider as you start to upgrade your budget gear and go a bit more “mid-range” as well as which pieces of equipment you should upgrade first!

Hope it helps!