Lets dive through to another part of Derek’s journey to It takes two series. here they encounter a massive fish that is similar to an Angler fish. Every time the fish engage to attack the duo it was really so heart pumping and at the same time hilarious on how try so hard to evade the massive fish. But what makes this video so interesting is May and Cody are starting to get a long very well. They are starting to work together and started to trust each other, seems like they totally forgot their argument. It’s like Dr. Hakim’s strategy is really working to bring back the two together. It seems the long journey to it takes two is about to end. The deeper the story goes the deeper Cody and May get attached to each other. I am really forward that their family stays back like it used to for the sake of their daughter Rose.

I fully recommend this series to watch it along with you friends and relatives, the story is so good and how they play the game is fun to watch. You can check out all of the parts and even the various games Derek is playing with this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh6WAoSpXqNLBPzbfe-TibQ . You can also check out his Twitch channel here omgitsderek.tv!

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