Time flies so fast. Most of us are so into our jobs and never had time to spend to our family. I am saying this because from this Vlog I felt I spent a lot time on my work and never had enough time to see my son grow unlike Derek. No matter how busy his days may be he still gives time to his son tanner. If you’re new to the channel, Tanner always appears to the his stream at Omgitsderek.tv at Twitch. He started a little cute baby but now we shall see that Tanner is riding with a bike together with the family at the biking trail in their area. From a fragile little boy but now he’s riding a bike on his own.
I felt really lucky watching his vlogs, it’s like I was a part of seeing how tanner grow and if I am lucky enough see Derek become successful on passion being one of the best Streamer, who aims only to give all of us joy on his content.

If you want to see more of his content just check the link below https://www.youtube.com/c/DerekSalyers/videos also you join his stream at twitch just simple type omgitsderek.tv and it will direct you to his twitch channel.

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