As I near the one year mark since my separation and divorce began, I’m still processing the monumental changes to my life. In my latest vlog, I shared some candid thoughts on grief, anger, and trying to move forward.

I wake up most days in disbelief at how suddenly everything fell apart. After almost a decade together, it’s a shock to the system. I struggle not to speak negatively about my ex to my son, even when I feel tremendous hurt and frustration.

I’ve racked my brain endlessly trying to understand her motivations and actions. But at a certain point, I realized her reasons don’t matter. I can’t change what happened. All I can control is how I respond.

Anger and pain are normal emotions as part of the grieving process. But holding onto resentment only hurts me in the long run. Though difficult, I’m trying to let go and wish her well, while focusing my energy on moving forward and being the best dad possible.

I know I’ve made mistakes in life too. And perhaps we both contributed in some way to the downfall of our relationship. But blame and anger won’t improve anything now.

As challenging as this year has been, it’s also opened my eyes to new possibilities. There is still much uncertainty ahead, but I’m leaning on my faith and community to find peace and joy again.

My goal is to be a model for my son of resilience, forgiveness, and compassion – even when it’s hard. I hope I can look back one day with clarity and feel at peace with this immense loss. For now, I take it one day at a time and try to let go of bitterness. My life may look different than I expected, but the chance to rebuild brings excitement too.