Welcome back, everyone! Time for another dive into my weekly adventures. This week was a mix of unexpected surprises, productivity, fun with family, and some much-needed exercise. Let’s get into the details!

Holiday Office Absence

So, I did something silly—I went to the office and found myself completely alone. Turns out, it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a public holiday in the United States, and we had the day off. Realizing my mistake, I packed up and headed back home, laughing at my blunder.

Home Office and VA Tasks

Back at home, I took advantage of the unexpected free time to work on tasks for my Virtual Assistants (VAs). I recorded some instructional videos to guide them through their next set of tasks. Despite the cold weather, I managed to stay productive.

Video Game Distraction

After getting some work done, I couldn’t resist the pull of a video game and ended up playing for a couple of hours. It was a nice break, though, and I made sure to get back to work afterwards.

Volleyball Nights

Monday evenings have become my volleyball nights, thanks to my friend Rachel. It’s an excellent way to get some exercise and enjoy socializing. I headed out to the gym, ready to burn off some energy and have fun on the court.

Quality Time with Tanner

Later in the week, I picked up Tanner for the weekend. We had a fantastic time despite the cold weather. It snowed quite a bit, so Tanner was excited to go outside and build a snowman. We also planned a trip to the trampoline park with my nephew and one of Tanner’s best friends, Luky.

Trampoline Park Excitement

The trampoline park was an absolute hit! Tanner, Luky, and I had a blast. The boys were jumping high, flipping, and having a great time. It was a perfect way to spend the day, and I loved seeing Tanner so happy and active.

Indoor Creativity

When we weren’t outside, Tanner and I spent time indoors building a toy house. He created a cozy setup with a fireplace, couch, and even some flowers. It’s always amazing to see his creativity shine.

Looking Forward

This week has been a mix of productivity, fun, and some unexpected downtime. As we move forward, I’m excited to continue balancing work with quality time with Tanner and finding new ways to grow and enjoy life.

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