Derek Played Rank with One Cool duck on the beginning of his stream but LUCK is not on their side. Despite of performing well like he used to, his team still got being fed. And as the game continuous it becomes harder for the duo to carry the team to victory. They even tried winning in several matches but it is like the same team all over again. To prevent a Losing streak he Decided to play ARAMS and joined in by WOLF. At their first match in ARAMs they got their first win but the second match stands above all. It is one of Derek’s highlight of the night. The first minutes was really hard for him and as I watch the game I really thought he wont be able get back up and recover. And then I remembered he was using NASUS. The time her started Stacking up, got his first kill and it that moment I knew he will dominate the game. Its that second I realize, they ain’t targeting Derek in the beginning because he is weak but its the other way around, he is a THREAT. They started killing derek in Two’s and even all FIVE of them but the result… Derek slayed them all and got a QUADRA KILL! it was so INTENSE!! You can watch the full video here

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