Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another weekly update on my vlog! This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, work, and some personal reflections. Let’s dive in!

Monday Morning Grind

Monday started off with me trying to get some work done while being off from my regular job. I had some PTO days to use up, so I took a long weekend to relax and get some personal projects done. Unfortunately, this day also included my divorce hearing in the afternoon, which was quite stressful.

Balancing Work and Court

I spent the morning working on social media posts using a routine I set up with Zapier and ChatGPT. It’s been a lifesaver for keeping up with analytics and generating content ideas for my various social media platforms. However, the highlight (or lowlight) of the day was the court hearing.

Reflections on Custody Battles

After the hearing, I took some time to reflect on the situation. If you’ve never gone through a custody divorce hearing as a man, it’s hard to explain just how biased the system can feel. The experience is incredibly frustrating, and it feels like the deck is stacked against fathers.

Mid-Week Activities

Mid-week, I spent some quality time with my son, Tanner. We played, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. It’s moments like these that remind me why I’m fighting so hard for fair custody. Tanner is my world, and every second with him is precious.

A Difficult Night

After the court dates, I often find myself replaying everything in my mind, which leads to sleepless nights. The biases and injustices in the system are hard to swallow. It feels like no matter how hard I try to be civil and cooperative, I’m always the one making compromises.

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend brought a mix of relaxation and frustration. I played some Beat Saber to blow off steam and get some exercise. It’s a fun way to stay active, but the frustrations from the court hearing were still lingering. The update from the hearing wasn’t what I hoped for—I still don’t have equal parenting time, and I got in trouble for some messages I sent.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through this custody battle has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The system is flawed, and it’s heartbreaking to see how men are treated in these situations. Despite the setbacks, I’m committed to fighting for my rights and for Tanner.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s vlog. Your support means the world to me. If you want to see more about my week, check out the video below.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. Let’s keep this conversation going and support each other through these tough times.

Until next time,