Me and some friends get together and try out some of golf with your friends custom maps as well as some other maps. If you’re wondering how many people can play golf with your friends the answer is 12 but in this video there is just 4 of us which is more than enough to have a great time cracking on each other’s mini golf skills. I totally included that sentence to rank for a keyword in Google. Don’t judge me! 😉

But for real, this game is an unbelievably fun game to play with a bunch of friends and I guarantee you will laugh at each other the entire time and love it! If you’re interested in checking out the game, watch this livestream of us playing and see what you’re missing out on by not owning it yet!

If you have any questions about Golf with Your Friends just let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them!


Why have friends if not to play Golf... With Your Friends! Nothing is out of bounds as you take on courses filled with fast paced, exciting, simultaneous mini golf for up to 12 players!

Key Features:

12 Player Multiplayer! Make sure your skills are up to scratch as you tee off against 11 other golfers in simultaneous online multiplayer.

Themed Courses! Go head to head on courses with unique mechanics and holes. Become a pro in the pirate course, aim for an albatross in the ancient theme or wage all out Worm warfare in the Worms course!

Powerups! Drive a wedge between your friends as you trap their ball in honey, freeze it or turn it into a cube.

Three Game Modes! Tee off in classic mini golf, shoot for the pars in hoops or swap the hole for a goal in hockey

Level Editor! Putt your own spin on the game by creating, sharing and playing your own courses.

Customisations! Turn the fairway into the runway, with unlockable hats, skins and trails for your ball.