Another awesome game played by our man Derek, it is “It Takes Two”. It’s a Story of family on the brink of falling apart. The game starts where Cody and May are having an argument and then decided its the time to tell Rose (daughter) that they are getting divorce. As they told Rose about the divorce, she just simply agreed with a sad look on her face and immediately get inside her room. In her room she took her favorite dolls that looks like her Cody and May then went to here secret place, where she can escape all the sadness she have. Rose cried and cried and wishing all will fade away and simply go back to normal like a complete happy family. But without noticing, she accidentally cast a spell to the dolls that she bought. In the blink on an eye Cody and Mary bodies are swapped it the bodies of each dolls. Out of nowhere a Magical book appeared named Dr. Hakim. He explained Everything to Cody (Wolf) and May (Derek) even how they can go back to their own bodies, and here the game starts.

The storyline is so engaging which it shows how it affects a broken family to a child. I will surely comeback for the part 2 of this gameplay and 110% suggest you to watch “It Takes Two part 1” gameplay.

Full video here:

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