Here we are at week 2 of Derek’s Vlog. the combination of DoorDash and doing Vlog contents are I think is the best. Driving all day gives you a chance to find some unexpected footage that sometimes its so interesting. Like what Derek encountered while doing some food deliveries. And I am sure this happens a lot to most of the food delivery staffs. A customer made a bad order. What happen was as Derek is waiting for an order to pop out, a notification appears that one customer wants some groceries and will be giving a $5 tip, which the location was worth the trip Derek accepted the order. But as soon as Derek accepted the trip and started buying the stuff that the customer needs, the order suddenly updated and the tip was gone. This situation is really disappointing for most the food delivery drivers, But lets face the fact that most customers thinks that food delivery drivers do an easy job on just “simply” delivering them their orders. What they don’t understand that Driving all day, waiting for the Orders in a queue etc. That’s not an easy job, giving them a little compassion and being human wont hurt I think.

It was a bad experience on Derek I am sure of that and he is at only 2 weeks of being a food delivery driver. But aside from what happen Derek continue to show how a jolly person he is and at the same a loving father.

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