It’s Memorial day today which means a day off together with the family of Derek. A fun time together with his family and seeing from the video Derek have a huge family and it simply means its awesome and fun during holidays. A lot of outdoor games was played and from the looks of it everyone is having fun. Even tanner enjoys the day together with his cousins and grand parents. But the family get together is never complete without the eating together right. From here we see the grilling skills of Derek which everyone enjoyed or do they?

As the video is about to the end Derek gave us an updated on his weight loss journey at first it was surprisingly increased but he managed to bring it down afterwards. And his secret on getting back? He’s not just doing exercise and going to the gym, because now he is biking as well.

But the week is not finished yet, of course a holiday wont be complete without the Salyers family having a date of their own. They went to hiking at Milk Creek park. The place is awesome those turtle clips and different kind of birds was great from family who loves nature or just to escape everything and just relax.

Derek’s vlog gets better and better every week he never disappoints me watching his vlog and I never will.

How about you guys? Do you enjoy his vlogs as well? Or do you have any suggestions to add or change to his vlog videos? Feel free to send him some comments and I am sure he will really appreciate it.

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