Want to become the next successful streamer on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook? Have no idea where to start other than loving to entertain people and playing games? Then have we got the video for you! For only $19.99….just kidding! For FREE I will walk you through how to go from knowing absolutely nothing about streaming to the gear you need, how to setup OBS Studio, how to setup alerts, scenes, sources, etc. You will literally be able to follow this masterclass video from start to finish and at the end you’ll be able to hit the start streaming button and be live on Twitch! I’ll show you OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, Streamlabs Alerts, Streamelements Alerts, best budget gear, what gear you should buy first, the best quality settings for streaming, how to setup your sources and scenes to get your gameplay and webcam showing as well as how to add overlays. Literally everything! It’s a long video but it’s worth watching as I’m sure it will answer all your questions about live streaming!

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions after watching just leave a comment on the video over on YouTube!