What’s up my friends?! I decided to run out to my local Sam’s Club the other day and I ended up scoring a nice pair of Samsung Level U Bluetooth headphones on clearance for half off!! I know what a deal right? Yeah, I thought so bitches!I’ve been using them for a couple weeks now so I wanted to go ahead and write up a review of them! Grab a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, I’m a coffee addict, and let’s get this ‘ish started!One of the first things I noticed when opening the package was the design of the headphones in terms of the band that sat around your neck while wearing them. I didn’t realize it was a hard plastic band and I instantly became nervous because I feared they would become bothersome after wearing them for a long time or if exercising/adventuring. This proved not to be the case as I was easily able to wear the headphones for an entire day without any uncomfort.Overall the build quality of the headphones seem high. The plastic band that sits around your neck curved well and sat consistently across my neck. That, along with the light weight of the unit, made me forget I was even wearing it most of the day. The buttons and even the little charger port door also seem high quality and I have no fear of them not working any time soon.A couple reviews I’ve read mentioned the ear buds didn’t fit snugly causing a loss in the bass of the headphones. I, like others, had this problem with the set of ear inserts that came preinstalled on the ear buds. The set did come with two additional ear inserts, one set including wings to make sure the earbuds stay in snug even while exercising. I switched the default ear inserts with the athletic ones and now they fit snugly in my ears and are just as comfortable so I have no complaints but I had seen it mentioned enough to warrant a warning!!I haven’t had any issues with the battery life, in fact, I was impressed with how long the headset lasted on a single charge. I consider myself to be a pretty heavy phone user and keep them paired to my phone pretty much all day, everyday! Using them in this manner I’m normally able to get three to four days per week out of the headset before I have to charge it again. I power them off every night once I get home, but the moment I get up and get moving the next morning they are powered back on.The sound quality when I first put on the headphones didn’t quite sound as good as I hoped, however, after I had switched the ear inserts to the pair that fit my ears better, that quickly changed. As long as the earbuds are sitting properly and fit snug in your ears everything will sound great. If not, then you immediately lose a lot of the bass from the headphones as noted above. The microphone works great and I haven’t had any complaints about the quality of my voice which caused me to believe the built in noise cancellation feature works well.Overall for the price of the headphones I feel they were a great purchase! I picked these bad boys up for about $35 bucks! If you’re in the market for a good set of bluetooth headphones that will cost you less than $50 bucks I’d definitely recommend taking a look at these headphones!