Another stream of Cookie Run Kingdom by which he is about to do a Gacha pull for the new Cookie and treasure, but what makes this stream interesting is the “Amount” of Pulls he have in game. Its a popping 139 pulls and 41,000 crystals. Every pull intensifies specially when he was pulling the new treasure. But at the moment his pulls for the new treasure is about to finish, BOOM! he got it. It was a relief that he got it in nick of time and after finishing the last pulls he go straight on pulling Pumpkin Pie. The first attempt to draw Pumpkin Pie failed but he a got a bunch of rare cookies. In his second draw and the least we expect and surprise us all he pulled Pumpkin Pie, a burst of joy erupts in his stream and I felt the same way. He even did the costume pulls and the results was AMAZING! You can watch the Full video of his stream on the link below and I assure you that you wont regret it.

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