So its 4th of July! How did you celebrate your holiday?

Well our man Derek celebrated his 4th of July by flying his drone and watching the fireworks all over the town. As the sun sets more and more fireworks was seen and recorded by drone and it was so amazing to watch. While everything seems going along out of nowhere Derek’s was hit by his depression once more. But this time he documented the time he struggles to surpass his depression. I can feel his pain while he talk about his depression, its not easy to have that pain that can’t go away. But the good thing is he have friends and family to back him up, which we can see how he stand up and fight depression with the help of his love ones. Its so nice to watch on how surpass this depression of his and if haven’t seen the full video you can click this link: its a life changing event to see how a man with depression surpass it and see him smile and laugh once again.

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