For quite some time now, my daughter has been bugging me to be on my livestream. I’ve always been a touch nervous to allow her because of her age and knowing how things can sometimes be on the internet! Also, because I swear quite heavily and didn’t feel like listening to the backlash from people that seem to think you can’t swear around a kid…smh…

Either way, I decided against my better judgement and allowed her to join me for a livestream and we played the game Riverbond. A kid friendly hack and slash adventure game that ended up being perfect for our first time playing together on stream! If you’re a streamer and you’ve always wondered if you should stream with your kid, personally…I’d highly recommend it!

It was a blast and something I definitely see us doing again in the future!

Below is a clip of one of the levels from the game that we streamed on Twitch!

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