I recently shared some thoughts in my weekly vlog about working to change my perspective and mindset to improve my mood and outlook.

The catalyst for these reflections was listening to an interview with Andrew Tate where he talked about taking complete ownership of his emotions and baseline happiness. I know Tate is a controversial figure, and I don’t agree with everything he says, but I found value in what he shared about being intentional about your mental framework.

As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, I understand how frustrating it can be to hear “it’s just in your head.” But the reality is our thoughts and perspectives truly impact our emotions. Our brains can work against us, attacking us with negative thoughts.

Trauma, grief, chemical imbalances, and other factors can contribute to mental health issues that are not our “fault.” However, we still have the power to make the best of it and take ownership of our inner world. Easier said than done, I know! But I’m making it a daily intention to shift my perspective to a more positive baseline, take control of my thoughts, and change my mindset to improve my mood.

On a lighter note, I shared updates about some home projects – getting a new fridge delivered and clearing out the old one. My nephew came over for a sleepover with my son, and we had a great time together. I’m feeling energized and positive about taking on single parenting. I believe it’s going to be a great day and a great season ahead.

The key is focusing on what I can control, taking ownership of my inner world and perspective, and being intentional about my mental framework. I’m praying for help to make these positive shifts. It’s a journey, but I believe we have more power over our minds than we realize. I want to live in that truth.