I shared some reflections in my recent vlog about how reconnecting with my faith has brought me a sense of joy and purpose that I’ve been missing.

Even though Mondays are still challenging after dropping my son off from weekend visitation, I’m realizing I feel happier overall since getting baptized and going to church regularly again. After months away from organized religion, I’m feeling God’s presence and a community that provides encouragement.

There’s sadness about my marriage ending and only getting limited time with my son. But focusing on my spiritual growth has helped me find happiness despite the pain.

I know faith isn’t for everyone. We each have our own journey. For me personally, believing in a higher purpose and power beyond myself gives me strength to keep moving forward.

I want to use my platforms not just to share my pain, but also hope. I’m still figuring out what that looks like. But my desire is to support and encourage other dads going through divorce and custody battles.

Life brings many failures and falls. The key is continuing to get back up and finding meaning in the midst of hardship. My faith provides that framework for getting through tough times.

There are still many unknowns ahead in my life as a newly single father. But I’m thankful for the joy and sense of meaning I’ve found recently through my spirituality. It gives me hope for brighter days, even when things feel dark.