Here Derek shows a Tech review for BEACN Mix Create. It is a hardware solution along the lines of the GoXLR with a few differences and a lot of improvements. It’s compact, it’s beautiful, and it may just be the next step in the evolution of Streaming and Content Creation.

Out of the box, you have a light, yet solid, device with a USB-C to USC-A 2.0 cable (freeing you up to plug the device into any port on your PC). It is very much similar to BEACN Mix, has four infinity scroll knobs and a crisp, clear 5” screen. But what BEACN Mix Create differs is it has seven elastomer buttons; four to mute each individual channel, one to switch between the controls for your personal and audience mixes and two to switch pages between your sources on the device.

Setup is extraordinarily easy. All you need to do is install the app, which installs drivers for the Mix Create, and plug in the device. The app will instantly recognize the device and populate the profile window and device column. The Profile window allows you to create and select from multiple profiles to customize your setup for different use cases (e.g., one for your podcast, one for your stream and another for everyday PC use).

The device column allows you to select what device’s controls you see. Selecting the mixer will open it to the right of the device column, and you can see at first glance how in depth these controls are. But on the other hand, Derek found flaws in this remarkable device, you can watch his video to this link .

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