I would be a miserable bitch if I had a normal job, I love my freedom too much! So when I had two job offers in front of me, one working for a factory making motherboards, the other being a personal assistant to a friend starting his own business, I had to make a choice. I could have done what everyone was telling me to do, take the factory job, because it was less risky. But obviously I wouldn’t be here writing this blog post at my leisure if I did that. I took a risk and I’m truly glad I did!

  1. I found my love for learning

  2. Gained new senses of responsibility and freedom

  3. Last but not least I have fun every day at work!

Through my entire working life I have had a hard time staying at a job for very long. Even when I had a job I thought I loved, I found myself getting restless, and not wanting to go. I have come to the conclusion that is because once I learn and master a job I can’t bring myself to do it over and over again for the rest of my life. I just loved the learning part of all my jobs.

Being a personal assistant to an entrepreneur now requires me to be learning new things constantly. And I LOVE IT! New technology, softwares, marketing skills and strategies, things that can actually be beneficial to me, I’m learning! And I’m coming to find the more I learn the more I want to learn.

Because I had no previous knowledge how to do any part of my job I had, and still have, a lot of learning to do. My boss works two job, his day job and his business we are trying to start. So he’s hella smart and hella busy leaving our actual work time together limited.  But that’s okay! Because I only have the one job and it’s part time! So I have to work at home sometimes, which was challenging at first and occasionally still is. But it has giving me a great sense of responsibility.

Having to get work done outside the office from time to time tested my self discipline. I had to manage my own time for the first time. It was not easy at first but I wanted to be dependable and reliable because I no longer was working “some job”. My employer is one of my closest friends now, I do not want to let him down. Not when I have the potential to help him achieve some of his dreams, and maybe even some of my own.

I found freedom in planning my day more and more. It showed me how much time I really do have. Now I wake up with a sense of purpose, finding I want to go to work! Not Just because I love my job but, as I said before my boss is a great friend and we work well together. He respects and believes in me, a first for any of my bosses.

I do not believe I would be on the roll that I am now if I had not taken the risk and took the factory job. If I had I would be at a dead end job, working for a bunch of jerks. Getting bored and eventually doing the same thing I always do, quit. Life hands you choices every now and again. Sometimes it pays to take the risk. Would you have done it?