When success is discussed there seems to be an element of secrecy surrounding it most times. I believe a lot of this comes from sales and marketing from “gurus” trying to sell you their secret method to being successful. Whether it’s in your personal life, business or financially.

I’m not saying you can’t learn from experts in those areas you struggle and want to grow in, however, most of the time you have to wade through 20 courses/books to find one that is worthwhile or isn’t simply a rehash of information from another source.

Not only does this element of secrecy come from gurus trying to push their products but it also comes from people who want an easy route to success, however, the truth is, success like anything else worthwhile in life, comes from hard work!

Being successful isn’t easy, growing a successful business isn’t easy, saving and investing money isn’t easy. These are things that require you to build self discipline and work at continually in order to improve. Sure, once you start doing it and become more skilled in those areas, they become easier, but initially they won’t be!

There will be times you’ll have to sacrifice other things in your life in order to become successful. Maybe missing out on a party with friends or not purchasing that new car you want! How about leaving a job your absolutely hate? You’ll have to give up on short term gains for long term gains at times. You’ll have to be willing to constantly learn new things. Never settling for where you’re currently at and striving to go further.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the short term. This doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off from all your friends. It simply means you have to set your goals and then pursue them relentlessly. Everyone needs time to unwind, to just chill, to hang out with friends and family. Everyone doesn’t need to watch TV 6 hours a day or play video games all night.

Success also doesn’t mean being rich. There are plenty of people who make a modest income and I’d consider them successful. These are people who instead of making excuses are doing something they love. Whether it’s traveling the world, owning a small business or spending ample time with family.

No one else can define success for you, except for you!However, it seems most people work a job they hate, for pay that isn’t enough yet they don’t do a thing about it!

Most people are willing to go work 8 hours a day for someone else so that that person can make a shit ton of money, yet won’t spend a couple hours in the evening building their own business. It’s sad but it’s the truth.

Again, it’s not entirely about the money, but instead it’s about doing something you love and making an income from that to support your love and passion. This in my opinion is the biggest key to success and with the rise of technology and the internet, there has never been a time in human history that this is possible for almost everyone!

As I said, there is no secret when it comes to success. There is only the willingness to put in the time required to be successful. To not be fearful of what that may mean. To pursue your dreams and passions relentlessly.