The 4 Hour Workweek is a book written by Tim Ferriss that’s similar to other get rich self-help books. There is an entire market for books like this that promise to help you work less, make more money and enjoy the freedom of an extravagant lifestyle.So what’s different about this book compared to others and is it worth reading? Is it a scam? Can you really apply the lessons taught in this book to your own life? In this review we’ll take the time to answer all those questions and more and hopefully by the end of this review you’ll be able to decide whether this book is for you or not!First things first, what did I think of the book? Simply put, I thought it was amazing! Tim Ferriss does a great job explaining what it takes to change your life and become part of the “new rich.” So what exactly does it mean by being part of the new rich?The new rich is a group of people that may not be millionaires but they are making decent money by creating revenue streams that supply them with the ability to live life doing what they live without working it away. They are “owners” instead of employees.This allows them to have other people or automation doing the work for them so they can enjoy life instead of working hours up hours every week.Is this really possible?I think the first thing people need to realize is that the methods Tim Ferriss used to achieve this lifestyle may not be the same methods you use. They could be the same methods, but may not be! This is important.Too many people read a book, try to replicate exactly what the author did, fail, and then claim the author is full of shit.Do what you know…but apply what you learn from this book. This book is a teaching mechanism designed to open your eyes to the possibilities that exist because of the high tech world we now live in. You may not find success in the exact same way or market Tim did, however, you can still use the principles laid out in this book and apply them to any type of business you start and that’s the important thing to take away.So is this book a scam? Absolutely not. The information contained in the pages is worth every penny and if you follow his advice and fix your laziness I have no doubt you’d be able to join the “new rich” yourself!I’d highly recommend reading this book if you haven’t. It’s been out for quite some time at the posting of this review, but I believe it’s still a must read if you’re an entrepreneur or interested getting out of the rat race.Click here to purchase The 4 Hour Workweek from Amazon!