The more I learn about technology the more I feel like a flabbergasted old person! Because in this ever evolving tech world it's no longer about the latest smart phone, television, or newest accessory, its going beyond that into the world of implants. People are engineering tiny devices to implant into their skin to bio-mechanically enhance the human body to preform beyond the once normal.

When I say the word implants you probably think the same thing I do, boobs, muscles or even the latest trend of implants, butt implants. People are coming up with more and more different kind of ways to enhance their bodies. The term "grinder" refers to a person who belongs to a growing community of do-it-yourself hackers, who believe in improving beyond the natural human capabilities A.K.A. biohacking. By surgically implanting magnets or other small devices under their skin THEMSELVES! Biohacking can also be used to describe someone who is interested in managing their own health and biology with simpler body "hacks", with enhanced tattoos and other small devises. is a "virtual home of grinders everywhere." Quotes the home page. It's a website dedicated to being a friendly, interactive, helpful place for anyone looking to learn anything and everything about biohacking. You can find where to get your supplies, tools, tutorials, and even someone to help you through your first implant if you want!

So your probably wondering what exactly are these magnets and "little devises" being implanted and what are they being used for? Cyberise.Me is another website bringing grinder gear to the world from Australia, and are working on going the field of implantable devises. Today if you just search on the web implantable devises you can find so many different articles of different technology being tested all the time and implanted all the time.

  • Magnets implanted in the ear to be used to hear music

  • Retina implants that gives site back to blind peope

  • Subdermal chips that can hold information, like your credit card number!

  • Tattoos capable of being able to change with your vital signs

  • An implantable compass that will tell you when you are pointing noth

Just to give you a few! More and more devises and life hacks are being created all the time. I don't believe this is a trend, I believe we need to get used to seeing more enhanced humans as the grinder community grows. The question is what going to be next?