I’ve owned several successful businesses in my life…plenty of failed ones too!Because of the successful ones I’ve had, people constantly ask me about starting their own business. I hear from people in all walks of life. Some that are desperate to create an income because they lost a job and others that have a job but just can’t stand the 9-5 grind.My first question is always the same. What are you passionate about? Most times I’ll get a weird look, a couple seconds of silence and then an answer consisting of, “I dunno…”Most people know what they are passionate about, however, when thinking of starting a business they’re trying to think of what will make money.Instead of putting their passions first, they put profit first!As I stated in the first line, I’ve owned several successful businesses. These businesses started out because I was passionate about something and figured out a way to make money doing what I was passionate about.I also stated that I’ve had plenty of failed businesses. These business were ones where I simply tried to make a profit and didn’t really care about the subject, niche or field it was in.This doesn’t mean you can’t start a business that will make money just because you aren’t passionate about it. In fact, when I was younger I started an electrical business doing residential work. It was quite successful because I learned the skills required to do the work. However, without the passion for the field, I let the business go after becoming bored with it.Money isn’t enough of a motivator to keep doing something if you don’t enjoy doing it!If you really want to start a business that you’ll put the required time and effort in to building it out and creating something excellent you must first figure out what you are passionate about and then build a business around that passion!This doesn’t mean there won’t be things you have to do that you don’t want to do! Those things will still be there in any business you start, but it’s hard enough keeping motivation but trying to keep it while doing something you aren’t passionate about only makes it that much harder!Owning a business takes time, resources, self-discipline and is a lot of work! That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing it!Follow your passions and profits will follow!