Unsurprisingly, like most, I hate exercising with a passion! I totally wish I could eat whatever the hell I wanted and just stay fit and skinny! Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that so exercising is something most of us contemplate doing, but find hard to actually do.I’ve tried just about every form of exercise out there including weight lifting, yoga, programs (like p90x), etc. and while I love switching it up sometimes with those different types of workouts, the one I’ve actually been able to stay consistent with and actually even enjoy at times is simply putting on a pair of sneakers and going out for a run.I’ve messed with a lot of different running apps over the last couple years and thought I’d write a post detailing my favorite ones! They are not rated in any particular order as they each have their own unique purposes.Runkeeper (Free)The Runkeeper app is probably one of the most popular running apps of all time and for good reason! Runkeeper uses your phones GPS for tracking which makes it extremely accurate. Not only will it track your runs, but you can also use it for hiking, cycling and any other distance activity you currently fancy.It will also map out your run for you and track all the expected metrics like pace, calories burned, distance, total time, etc.It does the job and does it well which is why it has stayed as one of the best running apps available and best of all, it’s free!RunGo (Free, Premium Subscription)RunGo is another one of my favorite apps for running. Admittedly, it’s the one app that I use least often. Not because it isn’t a great app, but because it has a specific niche, at least for what I use it for.I’m always traveling and in different cities and it’s hard to know where it’s safe to run when visiting a city, especially if you aren’t a native.This is where RunGo is extremely beneficial. Not only is it a run tracker, but it acts as a navigational aid allowing users to discover new jogging routes complete with voice navigation helping to guide through unfamiliar areas.If you sign up for the premium subscription you can access “guided tours” which are routes created by local members through safe, scenic areas. The app will even announce points of interest and other useful information during the guided tour.S Health (Free)S Health is an app that comes preinstalled on a lot of Samsung devices, however, it’s an app that can be downloaded at least for android via the play store.It came preinstalled on my Samsung Note 5 and the great thing about the app, at least on my phone, is that it just tracks everything automatically. I don’t have to start up an app or do anything special. I simply go out for a run and when I finish I get a notification on my phone that tells me how long I ran and how much distance I covered.That’s it!Nothing super special, although the app does have other health features like weight tracking, heart rate monitor if your phone or device supports it, etc.For me though, I simply use it as a backup. It’s nice having it there in case I forget to turn one of my running apps or just don’t feel like it.It does the job and it’s simple so it’s an app I’ve grown to love!Charity Miles (Free)Charity Miles is a no frills running app that simply asks you to run for a good cause. When you start up the application you are prompted with a list of charities such as charity: water, Stand Up To Cancer, ALS Association, etc.You simply choose one of the many charities listed and then go for a walk, hike or run.Once you finish Charity Miles spits out your total distance and then converts it in to a donation from one of their sponsors like MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson and others.It costs you nothing, besides time spent exercising, and you get to do your part towards making the world a better place!This is why it’s another one of my favorite running apps, I simply start the app and leave it running in the background while using one of my other favorite apps!Zombies, Run! (Free, Premium Subscription)You’re Runner 5. On your way to Able Township, your helicopter is shot out of the sky by a rocket launcher. There’s zombies closing in…can you stay alive?Zombies, Run! turns exercise in to a game. It’s a story driven application for running in which you must collect supplies, out run zombies and help build up the township you’ve become part of.Each run starts with a mission that advances you through a story line as well as let’s you collect supplies for your town. After each run you can then use those supplies to build up your base.Even if running has become a daily habit, there are times you just don’t feel like going for a run. Zombies, Run! can make running fun and even addicting.It has it’s own music in-between missions or you can integrate it with your favorite streaming music player like Pandora or Spotify.You get the first 4 missions completely free and will unlock one mission per week or can pay for a subscription to unlock all the missions immediately!I love this app and it easily made it’s way in to my top 5 running apps list because it’s just fun!SummaryExercise is important! Unfortunately not enough people exercise as they should be! I know I was guilty of this myself for the longest time, but finding the right apps has helped me stay consistent in my running endeavors and has honestly changed my life.If you are new to running or even if you’re a seasoned runner, I’d highly recommend checking out the 5 apps listed above as I truly believe they can help you grow stronger, stay committed and increase your endurance!You don’t have to pay anything to use any of the apps I’ve listed so there’s absolutely no reason not to try them out!