Millennials don't suck, it's just your attitude.

If you are a millennial that says "I hate millennials" then you are no better than the people you complain about. I'm twenty six years old and no, my ducks are not even close to being in a row, and you can suck it if you have something to say about it! (Typical millennial, right?) Wrong, because I'm not complaining about it, I'm sharing what I learn so maybe others my age will stop and take a minute to reflect on themselves. I recently read a post online about a girl the same age as me and she wrote "Millennials are the worst. I should know - I am one." Just like a typical millennial I had an opinion about it for a few reasons:

  1. She called herself the worst (WHY??)

  2. Then called me the worst and I'm not!

  3. Lastly she contradicted herself in her own post blaming parents for making their kids Bernie Sanders supporters. Then went on to say how millennials can't blame their parents for how they we raised, and need to grow up.

To me it came across as a little pot calling the kettle black, your opinion might be different, congratulations! All I'm saying is it seems like a pretty big coincident that everyone in there 20's and 30's just all happen to be terrible people. When I take a look at my generation, I see more than individuals just taking selfies and playing with fidget spinners. Most of the people I know my age are worrying about finding and keeping steady work or are beginning to start families. Is our generation tech savvy? Yes, and that makes us targets everywhere to be judge and talked about.

Millennials are just like any other generation before them, in my opinion. Some are on track with their lives, some are still finding their way, and yes some are lazy whiners. The only thing that has changed are the times we are living in. So many things go in to making an individual person never mind an entire generation...

  • Parenting skills/Family Life

  • How/What we Teach in School

  • The Media

  • Our Economy

Everything listed and more goes into shaping a generation. Think about how all that has rapidly been changing, faster and faster as the years go by. It's hard to keep up with! Millennials are just on their own path trying to do the best for themselves in an ever changing, growing meaner and meaner by the day, world.

"Do unto others as you have them do to you.", the golden rule, a quote my entire school recited everyday in elementary. It's not just young people that need a reminder of this idea. All generations could stand to be a little kinder to their fellow man. So maybe before the next time you find yourself wanting to hate on millennials, ask yourself is it millennials or your attitude?