About 3 months ago I decided to start focusing really hard on increasing my presence on Snapchat. This post is basically the 馃敟馃敟馃敟 I’ve learned about the platform since deciding to go all in. My hope is that it can help you get started if you’ve also been fearful of making the plunge onto the platform. I’m by no means an expert but my account has been growing fast and engagement has been high since I’ve started doing the things I’m about to share with you.

Before jumping in, let me stress that I firmly believe Snapchat isn’t going anywhere soon and will continue being a top player in the social media space. I don’t believe Instagram has put Snapchat out of business nor do I see them doing it anytime soon. 馃憣 #hatersgonnahate #stopbeinglazy #excusesareforbitches

Let me start off by saying that Snapchat seems to be the social media platform that most entrepreneurs and businesses have trouble with. Honestly, I don’t get this! Snapchat is not a difficult platform to master despite the myriad of articles stating otherwise. The biggest difference is simply Snapchat is all about the now instead of curating content for auto posting. I like to view Snapchat as more of a behind the scenes platform.

For example, on my personal brand Snapchat, instead of strictly talking about business and entrepreneurship topics, I create content about what’s happening in my life at the moment as I continue on my journey of being a successful entrepreneur. That may be a quick video about my latest run, what I’m making for dinner or during a trip to the store to buy groceries. I then mix some of my entrepreneur shit in with that type of content.

Again, it’s not that Snapchat is a hard platform to master, it’s that it actually takes quite a bit more work than the other platforms because there aren’t automated tools to use to make the process easier and you must be willing to show a more personal side of your business and those running it. Imagine that, you have to actually do some work and not be a lazy ass. 馃槷馃槼馃樀

The first thing you need to know about creating Snapchat content is that you need to be using filters, voice changers, emoji’s, etc. Snapchat is about having fun with your content and being a bit more creative and artistic. This doesn’t mean you need to create the most eye-appealing content, instead, focus on making fun content!

You must understand this before you can even hope to begin growing your account! It sounds easy, but Snapchat’s content is a true art form in itself!

With that said and hopefully understood, let’s dive into the tips and tools I’ve found most helpful for accomplishing growth on the platform.

Snapchat, unlike other platforms, does not have evergreen content, this means you’re only as good as your latest snap! People can’t discover your past content because your snaps disappear after 24 hours! Also, ad costs for Snapchat are crazy expensive on the platform itself.

Don’t fret just yet! I swear I’m getting to the meat of the best two options that have skyrocketed my Snapchat account! 馃槀馃憤

The first method that has helped me tremendously and costs absolutely nothing is an app called Ghostcodes.

Ghostcodes is an app that allows people to find Snapchatters based on interests. You can signup and add your Snapchat account under a wide variety of interests, some of which include, entrepreneurs, comedians, artists, etc.

Once you set up your account the best way to get followers to is to start browsing others profiles and liking/downloading their Snapcode. By doing this, like most apps, they get a notification that someone liked or downloaded their code and naturally some will follow your back.

It’s not complicated, in fact, it’s pretty simple. Once again, it’s just a bit of work!

The second method I’ve found that has also been a huge factor in gaining new followers is using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to my Snapchat account. Obviously, this method costs money, but the great thing about Facebook Ads is that you can set a small budget and still gain new followers even if just slowly over time with the little bit of extra money you may have.

There are a couple factors I’ve found that help when running Facebook Ads in regards to growing your Snapchat. First, make sure you are only targeting mobile traffic as your Snapchat add URL only works on there. Secondly, specifically target newer phone models and not just all mobile phone traffic. Lastly, take advantage of location targeting and target the cities nearest you.

These main points have increased my overall ROI and making sure I get the most bang for my buck when running my Facebook Ads.

Snapchat is not a difficult beast to master despite what everyone says. It just takes some good old-fashioned elbow grease and a little bit of money! 馃挵馃挵馃挵Get hustling! 馃弮馃徏馃挴鈴