Recently my boss has started saying a quote pretty frequently, "Do better, be better." I know it does not sound like much but I am catching myself saying it as well. Even though it does not sound like much it has pretty much become our work motto. In fact, we have written the words on the sliding glass door of our office! The meaning is pretty simple if you haven't guessed it already. Try to do a little better every attempt at everything you do, and you'll be a little better each attempt.

I like to think as long as I keep bettering myself each day I will eventually be good at something!  We apply it to everything we do while we're at work, be it making an ad or video, scheduling our time, coming up with ideas, anything. But honestly, it is more than just a work motto for us. The words or thought process applies to literally any given situation. If you just stop and ask yourself, how can I do just a little better, how can I make this just a little bit better?

Who doesn't want better for themselves? I feel like as long as I keep applying the words to my life, my daily task, my job, how are they not going to get better? How am I not going to see improvements in all aspects of my life? Trying and noticing the small improvements every day makes me feel better overall. Because I realize I'm doing something as long as I am trying!I am a very impatient person though and let's face it I have a lot of improvements to make. So it has also been a saying to challenge me to do more. Because I really do want better for myself. No one else is going to do the work for me, I have to do the work to be better, so I can have better. So let me ask you, should you be trying to do better, be better?