At the beginning of the new year we look back and reflect on everything that happened to us during the previous year. We start looking at what went right, what went wrong, and then we focus on what we can do to make sure the next year is our best year!Shortly after the start of the new year we quickly forget all our resolutions and most slip back in to the same habits that caused the so much pain the previous year! :(What can we do to change this and make sure the new year actually turns out as great as we hope?My desire is to provide you with tips aimed at helping you succeed in your goals and reach brand new heights this year. So let's get started!

  1. Write Down Your Goals! - Don't just think of goals in your head, write them down! In fact, the goals are not even as important as simply writing your goals down.  Goals change! What you might want right now could change in a couple months, weeks or even days! Writing down your goals somewhere you can visually see them each and every day will help keep you motivated.  If your goals change so be it, simply update your goals list and post the new revision where you can see it!
  2. Believe in Yourself! - It's easy to set goals, it's much harder to believe that you can finally commit to your goals and complete them in a timely fashion.  While some of this has to do with setting goals properly, a lot of it simply has to do with believing in yourself that you can accomplish what you set your mind to! It's easier said then done, and if you struggle with self-confidence I highly recommend checking out the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.
  3. Ask For Help! - Don't be afraid to ask for help! Reaching a goal is hard work sometimes, but if you're willing to ask, most people are willing to help. I'm not talking about using people to further yourself, I'm talking about an accountability partner. A person to help you stick to your goals and you help them stick to theirs! A person to discuss how things are going for each of you.  It helps tremendously, trust me on this and get out there and find yourself a partner!
  4. Don't Become Discouraged! - It's all too easy to get discouraged or down when you miss a goal deadline or a plan falls through that you were excited about, but that's life!  Get over it, reset the goal or set an entirely new goal, and get on with it! You don't have time to be discouraged. Shit happens. While it's easier said then done, the point is if you expect to fail at some of your goals it's not as big of a deal when you do. Instead focus on what you can do next time to complete that particular goal if decide to keep it on the list!
  5. Learn Something New! -  I'm a firm believer in being a lifelong learner. Learning something new keeps your mind sharp, it allows you to pick up new skills, and it can be fun especially if you choose to learn about things you are actually interested in! Maybe you've always wanted to learn a new language or take a business course because you want to open your own daycare. Who knows, the point is when you stop pushing yourself to learn, you'll stop pushing yourself to set new goals. At one point you had plenty of dreams, what happened?
  6. Have Fun! - Okay, we're getting close to the end and the last two points, while they may seem dumb or trivial they are actually quite important! It's important to set goals that help increase your knowledge, expertise, or just give you a better quality of life; however, you also want to set goals that you can have fun with! Maybe you've always wanted to hike to the top of a mountain or learn to roller-skate. Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to dance? Maybe you just want to spend an extra day or two per month with people you love. Seriously, whatever is fun for you to do, do it and set a goal to do it more! Goals are important, but don't get too focused on the future that you forget about the present!
  7. Bookmark This Site! - Okay, this one might be a bit of self promotion, however, I actually believe this is important as well. While it may not actually be my site that you bookmark or follow me facebook or YouTube, you want to connect with people that are like you and want the same things in life. Like minded people will help you stick to your goals and will remind you that there are people out there that are crushing it everyday in the areas you are looking to do so in! So if you want to crush it, connect with people who are already doing so!

There you have it, seven easy tips that I believe will help you succeed in ways you never thought possible! Leave a comment below if there are any other tips you can share to help those looking to crush it this year!