Welcome back, everyone! It’s time for another update on my weekly adventures. This week has been a blend of productivity, fun with family, and a new gaming addiction. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Monday Morning Hustle

We’re driving to the office because it’s Monday! What’s up, peeps? Monday morning marks the start of another week, another hustle. I was up late last night, addicted to this new game called Power World. Despite being a bit late, the beautiful sunrise made the drive worth it.

Productive Day at Work

Monday was a productive day at work. I finished up the website, including a new one-on-one life coaching page. I also completed the photography portfolio, although I plan to add more pictures. The focus for the website is now on technology, self-improvement, and advocacy. Overall, it was a good and productive day.

Quality Time with Tanner

After work, I spent some quality time with Tanner. We played some board games and then headed over to my sister’s house to help her hang a TV. It was a fun evening, filled with chatting and messing around. Despite the rough week, things are getting better.

Mid-Week Gaming Addiction

Friday morning, we headed into the office to finish the week strong. This week has been dominated by my new gaming addiction to Power World. It reminds me of the good old days playing Borderlands 2. I need to find ways to make the gameplay more entertaining, like creating guides and content around it.

Sunday Morning Reflections

Sunday morning, I realized I hadn’t recorded much this week due to my Power World addiction. It’s bad, y’all! I’ve been staying up super late and sleeping in, but as long as the work gets done, it’s all good. Tonight, I have a meeting with my VAs to go over a few things, which should help free up more time.

Looking Forward

This week has been a mix of productivity, family time, and a new gaming obsession. As we move forward, I’m excited to continue balancing work with quality time with Tanner and exploring new content ideas.

Let’s Connect!

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