We are back to Dereks Weekly Vlogs and we reached his 11th week. As what we know about Derek he really loves tech especially when it comes to Bitcoins and stuffs. In this vlog Derek talked about what would be the future of bitcoins as per his observation and analysis. It was explained thoroughly and made clear on what would bitcoin future would happen on the upcoming months. This vlog becomes interesting as days go by, he even opened up some thoughts and even what he is feeling day by day and that’s what I like about his Vlog. Its not all about the happy moments, of the highlights of someone’s life or achievement’s he had, its all about who Derek is. His transparency on his vlog makes it very unique compare from other vlog I ever seen before. Beside from what struggle he have in life he even have a time to motivate us to pursue what we dream about, especially on times where we feel that all hope is gone. Let’s add up those remarkable awesome footage of nature footage and awesome scenery for me it so phenomenal.

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