Demeo VR is a Tabletop RPG that you can play by yourself or with up to 3 other friends. You each control a piece on the board and can choose between your normal RPG classes like a wizard, archer, paladin, or fighter for example. It’s turn based and you each role a dice that decides how many spaces you can move, how strong your attacks are, etc. You’ll have to work together to complete the levels if you hope to survive as the monsters are unforgiving and relentless.

One of my Favorite VR Games is The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners but sometimes you just want to sit down and enjoy a VR game instead of having to stand and move around. Demeo VR is a great game to do this. Has a lot of social features, in game voice chat and spaces to just hang out and chat with friends.

The levels are super fun and I thoroughly enjoyed even hoping in random lobbies playing with strangers. I found the community to be super accepting and helpful in learning the game as well as being understanding that I was new to the game. Very Dungeons and Dragons type game but in VR and super smooth in terms of the control! I think you’ll enjoy it if you enjoy tabletop games of this type!

About The Game:

Adventurers, it’s time to unite! A dark force has taken over the underworld in the RPG dungeon crawler, Demeo, and it’s a world you’re not likely to survive alone.

Demeo is a cross-platform cooperative adventure for up to four players that recreates all of the magic and camaraderie of gathering around a tabletop with friends to do battle against the forces of evil.

Assume the role of the eagle-eyed hunter, mystical sorcerer, deadly assassin, or protective guardian, melodic bard or powerful warlock. But choose your heroes wisely in this cooperative adventure, for once players have accepted their quest, they must work together to vanquish the unholy force that corrupts everything… or die trying.

Gilmerra is a place of contrast, consisting of eight provinces stretching across mountains, forests, caves and oceans. It holds the beauty of a sunset over a meadow where sherp bunnies and brins feed their younglings, or perhaps a wedding taking place in the village of Torp. At the same time, there is also an ugly side. Maybe a reaver drags you down below in a murky river or a vílther attacking you as you explore the ruins of Castle Hollowmark.

One might state that The 5th Earth the world of Demeo is an ancient coin with two sides – one light and one dark.