I’ve been wanting to try out macro photography for a while now, however, when I started looking in to it, I realized that my current lenses do not allow you to take shots that close up to subjects. I started looking in to dedicated macro lenses and that quickly put it on the back burner as a decent macro lens can easily cost hundreds of dollars and a really good one could cost as much as a $1,000 USD!

Then, a couple weeks ago, I heard about an accessory for macro photography called extension tubes which allow you to use your current lenses for macro photography. I’m planning on doing an official video for them, however, before that I wanted to use them a couple times and make sure I understood everything so I grabbed my daughter to help me test them out and see exactly how they work!

Hope you enjoy the video and kind of the behind the scenes of me using and learning new equipment before actually making a full on video about them!