In my latest vlog, I opened up about the ongoing frustrations and challenges of my divorce and custody battle over my son Tanner. Even though there are small wins, it often feels like an uphill struggle.

I try not to speak negatively about my ex, but at times the anger and hurt arise when I feel she isn’t being fair or truthful. I don’t understand her motivations for restricting my time with Tanner or making false claims. As a father who has lost custody before, I’m incredibly protective and want to be in my son’s life as much as possible.

During our latest court hearing, some progress was made in granting me regular phone calls with Tanner on nights I don’t have him. It was a tiny win after feeling like the system is stacked against fathers and favors mothers by default.

I’m learning to speak up for myself and not roll over when I feel wronged. But I’m also committed to taking the high road and not denying my ex time with our son, even when I’m upset with her actions. I know co-parenting peacefully is ideal, though difficult when trust is broken.

For any dads out there battling for their rights, my advice is to stay strong and keep fighting. Document everything and don’t be afraid to challenge claims you disagree with. No matter how small the progress, any time with your child is worth fighting for.

And remember – anger is normal, but don’t let it control you. Do what’s right for your kid, even when it feels unfair. Stay hopeful and keep moving forward. These custody struggles can be draining, but our kids make it all worthwhile.