I’ve been finding myself becoming increasingly interested in VR content lately, especially VR gaming, so when my friend Tony suggested we play VR Chat one night I was excited to dive in! We loaded up in a two story apartment and started going through all the avatars available deciding what we wanted our VR avatars to look like while exploring VR Chat. If you don’t know what VRChat is, basically it’s a game that allows you to visit different worlds and hang out with other people in VR. You can be at a Club with a DJ spinning some tracks, or on a rooftop bar where people may decide to see what it’s like jumping off the roof in VR….Tony……cough cough… or you could just chill in a Japanese Zen Garden and zone out in meditation listening to the sounds around you. It can also get a bit wild. When people are hidden behind their avatar there is no telling what people will say or do which for us….turn out to be a great night!