Welcome back, everyone! It’s time for another update on my weekly adventures. This week started with the usual Monday madness, some exciting new gadgets, and quality time with Tanner. Let’s dive into the details!

Monday Morning Lateness

I started my Monday with a long-missed trip to Dunkin’, struggling with my usual lateness. I haven’t had Dunkin’ in a while, but today was the day. Waking up late is becoming a bit of a theme for me lately. Nonetheless, I headed into the office, ready to get some work done and looking forward to volleyball in the evening.

Ready for Summer

I’m so ready for summer, man! Tired of being cold all the time. The winter chill is getting old, and I can’t wait for warmer days.

New Tablet for Tanner

I picked up a new tablet for Tanner and was amazed by how slim the cases have gotten over the years. The sleek look of the new gadget was exciting, and I was eager to get a case for it ASAP. With any luck, I’ll get one-day shipping so it’s protected when I show it to him tomorrow.

Unboxing the New Gadget

Unboxing the new tablet was a thrill. The design was sharp, and I couldn’t wait for Tanner to see it. He’s been eagerly awaiting his new “Spider-Man iPad,” and I was just as excited to show it to him.

Tanner’s Excitement

Tanner rushed to get his new tablet, carefully handling it since there was no case yet. He placed it safely on the couch until we could install the Spider-Man casing. His excitement was infectious, and I loved seeing him so happy.

Playful Moments

While exploring the new tablet, we discovered a squeaky dog toy, leading to a playful moment. Amidst the fun, I cautioned Tanner about knocking over a drink and started reading “The Monster at the End of This Book.” It was a hilarious and engaging read, with its constant warnings against turning pages, yet enticing Tanner to keep going.

Quality Time and Laughter

We ended the evening with some quality time, playing with the new tablet and enjoying the story together. Tanner’s joy and curiosity always make these moments special, and I cherish every bit of it.

Looking Forward

This week has been a mix of the usual Monday madness, exciting new gadgets, and precious moments with Tanner. As we move forward, I’m looking forward to more adventures, balancing work with quality time, and eagerly awaiting the warmer days of summer.

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