As days pass by and my new job gets closer and closer, I started to set everything up to make everything organize as I start my new job and at the same time continue my passion as a variety gamer.

This we had a dinner Becca’s parents together with his brother who came from India and if you remember or haven’t watch my vlogs from India here is the link . It was fun evening but what is more I enjoy off is when tanner had a costume of “Cat boy”. He is so cute with the costume and he really likes it so much.

I also started changing my stream bot for this week and to be honest I am really excited on what progress I have updated on my stream bot. The codes are so time consuming and it does really need a lot of time and patience to do do. But once the NEW stream bot is finished a lot of surprises awaits you guys. The stream will be much more lively and a lot of giveaways will be shared everyday. To know how you can win just go to my twitch channel . Awesome prizes awaits you guys.

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