As I was sitting at my desk contemplating the next holy grail article I was going to write for my blog, I became distracted thinking about traveling. If you’re new here, I love traveling!I started thinking about my trip to Tampa, Florida I took last year. It was the time I got so high I passed out and hurt my ankle making me pretty immobile for most of the trip.At least, I think it was how much I smoked that day that made me pass out!You know what…let’s start from the beginning…I had went down to Tampa to visit a friend of mine to get away from the everyday stresses of life as I love to do by traveling.He ended up having to work one of the days I was there so I was just chilling at his house smoking some weed with his roommate waiting for him to get off work. As we were sitting there chatting neither of us seemed to be paying attention to how much weed we were actually smoking! We just packed bowl after bowl of marijuana bullshitting about life.We decided to go out on the balcony of their apartment, so his roommate could smoke a cigarette, and that’s when everything went to shit!As we were standing there in the 95 degree Florida heat I started feeling extremely tired. I just couldn’t keep myself from yawning. I’m standing there staring at my friends roommate when it hit me. I realized I was about to pass the fuck out! I looked at her and said, “I think I’m gonna pass…..” and I dropped like a sack of potatoes.I came to a couple seconds later to her trying to drag my 6’1″ 200lb ass to their couch in the living room freaking out thinking to herself that this dude is about to die in her house.After a couple minutes of coming to I realized I had hurt my ankle pretty bad in the fall and had scrapped a huge chunk of skin off the side of my foot causing me to be in a shit ton of pain and not being able to put any weight on it.The worse part? It happened on the second day of my trip down there!I thought to myself, “This trip is over…I should just head home. I can barely walk so there’s no chance in hell I’m going to enjoy this trip now!”I believe this is something we face in business as well. Too many times we decide to do something and get discouraged at the first hiccup that comes our way causing us to lose all hope for success.Luckily, I didn’t give up on the trip! I figured whether I went home early or stayed down in Tampa I was going to have an ankle that I could barely walk on.”I might as well try to enjoy my trip down here,” I thought to myself.And you know what?It ended up being one of the best traveling experiences I ever took. We met some awesome people, had dolphins swim right next to us in the ocean, went to some awesome clubs and just overall had a blast chilling with friends for a week. It’s a trip that I’ll never forget as long as I live and one that I’ll always be fond of because of the disasters we faced during that trip but the fun we still had.I think too many times we focus on the negative when instead we should focus on simply making the best of what life throws at us and just enjoying the ride. This includes the world of business! If you constantly allow yourself to give up after every little hiccup that comes your way, you’ll never become successful. It’s through accepting the shit that happens and working through it that the best will come from it!And I picked up some great knowledge from that trip. I learned to not smoke that much marijuana at a time!