Most people hope to achieve financial freedom in their lifetime and many hope to make it big affording whatever they like! At least, people want to know they can afford their basic necessities each month! Honestly, with the time we live in, it's not that hard! So what makes it difficult then?Excuses!When people come to me complaining about money, specifically not having enough of it, I always recommend two things. First, start some type of business. Whether it's creating an online blog like this one or making something unique to sell locally to friends and family! Secondly, invest money you're already making!Now of course, after mentioning those two things immediately comes the excuses...almost 100% of the time!I can't invest, I don't make enough money! I don't know anything about starting a business how am I suppose to do that?The problem with excuses is that they will always kill progress in the direction you truly want to be!You see, you can in fact start investing. Even if it's just 5 dollars per week. (Give up a weekly run to Starbucks or Dunkin') You can start your own business, even if you know nothing about business! The world reacts favorably to trying instead of making excuses.My first successful online business came through something called affiliate marketing. When I started this business I knew very little about affiliate marketing and I was broke. I had been working at a steel mill and had just been laid off. I was a newlywed to a woman that had a 1 year old child from a previous relationship and I was receiving a whooping $150 dollars a week from unemployment!What I did know was that I had bills to pay and mouths to feed and failure wasn't an option. So I set out to learn everything I could about affiliate marketing as quick as I could and launched my first website within 2 weeks of even hearing about affiliate marketing.The business ended up growing so quickly that I had to make arrangements with family for short term loans and offer huge returns in order to keep enough capital coming in to keep up with the growth of the company!I could have made excuses. I could have decided there was nothing I could do. I could have let fear stop me from trying...So could you...or...You could decide to stop making excuses and get serious about your goals and dreams and do everything you can to reach them!You know what's even more awesome? You can make that decision right now! Good luck!Nameste.