Let me jump right in to this review by immediately saying that if you struggle with self-discipline or would just like to take it to the next level you should definitely check out this book! This book is amazingly motivational and extremely informative! It will give you clear actionable steps, that actually work, on increasing your self-discipline!This was one of those books that I didn’t know I needed until I read it. I came across it on Audible and started listening to it during my morning jogs.I feel I’ve always had high levels of self-discipline. If I really want something in life I can normally make myself do the things necessary to achieve it… At least in the short-term. However, after my excitement wears off, I find it hard to stay disciplined in areas I know I need to be.Tracy quotes Elbert Hubbard to define self-discipline as, “the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”This is where the book really shines! It doesn’t just talk about what self-discipline is and how to grow it, but it specifically goes through each of the main areas in life and discusses how to apply self-discipline to that area and how to keep it!This includes learning to apply self-discipline in areas of life like work, health, friendships, relationships, and more!He gives practical action steps after each chapter to help you work towards achieving self-discipline in the particular area of your life that was discussed during the chapter you just finished reading.This book is as much a motivational book as it is an informational book. It will help give you a desire to finally start working on the areas in your life that you know you should be working on! This happens without you even really thinking about it!Tracy does such a great job explaining the process and getting you to understand the importance of learning self-discipline that you realize it’s a must if you want to live up to your truest potential! Also, his writing style and knowledge allows him to explain it in such a way that you start to believe it’s easier to do that you ever thought!You’ll quickly realize you can learn to be self-disciplined and that you can start doing it today! That you don’t have to be born with great levels of self-discipline but can develop it.I also like Tracy’s opening thoughts on following the books advice.Either do it or don’t do it but either way stop making excuses!This is something we heavily do as humans. We make excuses for all our shortcomings and one of the biggest things Tracy focuses on is realizing that the first and most important step to starting is simply to stop making excuses and to decide either to do it or not to.While this seems simple, it’s this step and commitment to no excuses that will get you moving forward or not!If you haven’t read this book you need to pick up a copy of it now and do so! You will not regret it!