Have you ever had an idea that was so genius and brilliant you couldn’t wait to tell someone? Only to have them tell you that you could never do something like that? Leaving you with your crushed feelings in hand wondering how you could have thought that was a good idea. Well, I’m here to tell you that person is a jerk and your idea is great! Believing in yourself when no one else does is how you become strong.

Believing in yourself is so damn hard. It’s probably one of the most difficult things for a person to do in today’s world. You literally will suffer through people mocking, teasing, and bullying you because you show self-confidence. It has become popular to put yourself down before others have the chance to do so. Which is stupid because you only start believing the terrible things you say about yourself.  Or you could be like me and just always grew up hating yourself for some reason or another. Whatever the reason if you are not believing in yourself you need to stop now!

Here are 5 great tips I not only found but practice daily to start believing in yourself!

  1. Banish the Bad Thoughts, because all those negative thoughts are doing is frazzling your brain and bumming you out. Instead when you catch yourself thinking negatively stop yourself in your tracks and think one nice thing about yourself. I guarantee it will make you feel better than your original thought.

  2. Stop comparing yourself to other people!! Getting mad because you don’t have that guy’s car or that girls hair is nicer isn’t going to get you anywhere. But noticing what you are envious of in other people can help you realize what you want so you can go after it, is helpful. So tell that girl her hair is nice and maybe ask what kind of product she uses.

  3. Stop playing mindreader! Maybe that lady isn’t looking at you because you are a freak, maybe she just like’s your purse. Our brains naturally want to figure everything out, like why is that lady staring at me? It is our own negative opinions we assume other people are having about us though, not theirs.

  4. One mistake is not the end of the world. In fact, stop thinking mistakes are bad at all. Because honestly, they are not, mistakes are helpful learning moments. As long as you take the opportunity to learn where you went wrong and improve the next time you are on the right track.

  5. REMEMBER that you are in control over yourself. No one can be a better you. Embrace every single part of yourself! If there is something you feel needs changed, then change it for the better and don’t look back! You have every possibility to be the best version of yourself if you just wake up and choose to be.

It’s hard to choose to be accepting of yourself every day. Everybody has those days where things aren’t going right, or you just feel down. But if you can remember you have the mental power to be in whatever mood you want, it can get easier. Think of all the negative thoughts you have about yourself on a daily basis, and how it makes you feel shitty, right? Now imagine if a little guardian angle flew around with you all day telling you wonderful things about yourself. How do you think that would make you feel? Probably a shit ton better than what you tell yourself all day long. So I challenge you to be that little guardian angel to yourself and be kind to you. Take care of yourself and watch how your life and self-worth changes!