So most of the time you feel like you are crushing it in life and everything is going great. You are staying on top of work and getting a full eight hours of sleep a night. Crushing it as they say. But then out of the blue, you start feeling sluggish or tired, unmotivated and can’t wait to spend all day in bed. These could be signs of the flu or it might be time to reassess your goals!

I love talking about my goals and aspirations, it’s like a jolt to my motivation. Because your goals are your reasons to get up in the morning. If you aren’t working towards your goals what are you working on? If you haven’t looked at your goals in a while, it might be time to see where you stand with them and do a little revising!

So here are my 5 reasons to reassess your goals:

  1. When you reassess your goals you are reminding yourself what your goals even are. It happens to everyone sometimes, we get caught up in our daily routine and forget what we want out of life. We put plans on the back burner in our mind as life gets hectic. But sitting down and going over your list of goals written down will help refresh those goals in your mind. Putting them front and center of your attention once again.

  2. You might be wasting your time. Goals can become unimportant as we work for them without even realizing. Because we are too busy chasing the goal to even remember why we started running in the first place. Reassessing your goals is a good way to stop and see if all the progress you are making is even worth it. Ask yourself do I really care if I reach this goal?

  3. You could want something different. If you don’t care about your goals what do you care about? Reassessing your goals is the perfect time to figure that out and get working again. Because if you are not crushing your goals you are only crushing yourself.

  4. It might just be time for an update. You work so hard all day long for yourself you might not even realize you need new goals. That’s why it’s important to go back and look at your goals. Got everything crossed off your list? Then I guess it’s time to make a new one and get busy!

  5. Last but not least re-reading your goals helps you make your weekly to do list. And to do lists are important, very important. If you aren’t making to do lists how will you ever get anything done? And fun fact if you actually write out a weekly to do list and check off what you have accomplished, it’s hella motivating at the end of the week seeing all the things you have done.

So remember don’t forget about your goals! Get those bad boys out and make sure you are making the most of your time! You don’t want to waist a year hustling after something you don’t care about. Reassessing your goals is the perfect way to get re-motivated and start crushing it again!