The whole series is quite an interesting one after all. It does what very little horror games do to me. Scares me. This game doesn’t rely on cheap gimmicks like jump scares, it’s self aware. It uses advantage that the fourth wall doesn’t exist and acts like a virus. Glitching, deleting and making files appear, and to top that off the game soon stops talking to the character you’re playing as and begins referring to you. All of which quickly gets under people’s skin. It steals away the only thing a player should have. Control. If that isn’t enough, there are hidden things inside the character files and foreshadowing in the poems which tell a different story.


Spooky Natsuki


One of the scenes where Natsuki suddenly glitches which surprises me and even Derek.


So much things are happening in this episode where even Yuki had a sudden mood swings which occurs time to time. She becomes clingy to the protagonist as well, which feels like she is controlled by an unknown force or what so ever.


Those eyes


The way Yuki looks really gives me chills.



As the game goes through it gets even more interesting and shocking. But what is more mind boggling is when we reach the ending! Which prefer that you watch and see what happen.

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