“A father shouldn’t have to fight strangers in court for the right to parent his own child.”

– unknown

The Forgotten Fathers

“The Forgotten Fathers: A Call for Equal Parenting in the Modern Age” is a powerful and thought-provoking book I wrote that delves into the evolving role of fathers in today’s modern society. In this compelling exploration, I challenge traditional stereotypes and shed light on the importance of equal parenting rights and access for fathers.

Fathers for fair custody

Fathers for Fair Custody is a heartfelt initiative I started! At its core, our mission is to highlight the crucial importance of equal parenting rights. Through genuine content, personal experiences, and compelling narratives, we aspire to uplift fathers everywhere, emphasizing the need for balance in custody decisions. This isn’t just about sharing posts; it’s a dedicated effort towards ensuring every child reaps the benefits of having both parents actively involved in their life.

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